Our solution

We take care of the necessary assessment to decide whether or not the content should be removed.

For that purpose we take over the handling of claims with respect to content uploaded to your 3D printing platform as well as the operation of the notice and takedown procedure. We perform the services for multiple platforms. In other words, we function as an independent shared service centre.

You outsource the legal hassle to 3D Clearing House. 3D Clearing House engages legal experts to make an assessment of the claim filed in a strict and quick standard procedure, of course in line with your notice and takedown procedure.

3D Clearing House takes care of the whole process on behaald of your platform including:

  • the receipt of the notice
  • assessment
  • recommendation
  • implementation of the decision to remove of maintain the content on the platform
  • communication with the complainant and your user that has uploaded the content concerned

Foundation (‘stichting’)

The initiative originates from the Dutch boutique lawfirm Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten. The choice has deliberately been made for a foundation in order to emphasise the independence. Through the foundation we will engage other law firms in other jurisdictions if necessary in view of the complaint filed.


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